Graceful Soul Journeys

Hatea River, Whangarei - Morning Walk
Introduction to graceful soul journeys

This has been quite a journey in so many ways, on so many levels over years and years and here I am, here and now, present in this moment, for now.  I am grateful to be writing and want to briefly introduce Graceful Soul Journeys.  Still getting used to saying it out loud and allowing myself, giving myself permission to hold such a notion, the audacity to want to suggest that we are on a Graceful Soul Journey.  

I have encountered so many different kinds of journeys for myself and have been privileged to witness so many others.  Some of the transitions I have named, personal development, spiritual enlightenment, survival and realise that in the naming I have tried to use my brain to name something and have it be in a box.  Even as I write this I cannot believe how much I needed to have things in a box so that I could understand versus it being what it is, a journey so that I could have a felt sense of it also through my body, which invariable when we get to that point it is a body, mind and soul integration, even if it is for brief  moments. 

Have to say that the journeys, mostly have felt anything but graceful, they have at times been down right brutal.  At times I have had the inner harsh part of myself make comments that are undermining, well you know the story.  That is one of the reasons Graceful is here.  I have learned over the years that graceful means kind, caring, tender and is a skill that can be learned.  It means having a kinder narrative, a softer heart that is available to ourselves also to journey with and perhaps reduce the rugged terrain that may have been created with the brutalility of an inner critic and sometimes from others, but this is about our journey, inner and outer landscape. 

I know that I have so much to share and right now this feels enough.  Ok I thought there would be more but I feel this will do.  I will be playing and having fun with different formats with the blog.  I want to offer a range of sharing a topic, an idea, a curious inquiry in different ways.  

Thank you for reading and coming this far. 

My wish for you is that you continue with gentle curiosity and permission to explore your Journey with grace and tenderness and I hope that a little of this contributes in unexpected ways. 

1.21st September 2021