Graceful Soul Journeys

Graceful Soul Journeys

Tending to Your Soul Journey with Graceful Compassion
I will be your companion, as a Soul Journeyer to express your story, to be heard, revealing the lessons learned and wisdom gained.  Living life from the inside out, guided by your intuition and higher self.

With curiosity we explore what is possible, where you empower yourself even more integrating the body, mind and soul, living with inner peace and contentment no matter what comes your way.

Welcome to Tending to Your Soul Journey with Graceful Compassion

Together we explore your inner landscape.  The journey is gentle, kind as we take small steps with self-compassion and mindfulness to nurture and nourish this experience by:

  • Seeding new change
  • Nourishing new growth
  • Permission to bloom

We listen and hear your story, making sense of who you are in this moment in a supportive and safe way, tending to what needs to be nurtured and acknowledged, honored.

With this richness of knowing, understanding we can explore and open up to your soul through creative expression.

This journey to your inner landscape will lead you to feel a sense of belonging to self, feeling safe in your body and trusting you to cultivate the outer landscape as you tend to your Soul's Garden.


Please contact me if you wish to be included on the waiting list with other journeys for groups of 6 - 12.



Intuition gives outlook and insight;
it revels in the garden of magical possibilities
as if they were real.
Carl Jung - CW 16, Par.492

"Meditating with the body as our guide,
we come to feel that, perhaps for the first time in our lives, we are in the presence of a being,
our own body, that is wise, loving, flawlessly reliable,
and worthy of our deepest devotion."
Reggie Ray, Touching Enlightenment

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