Emotional Wellbeing

Wednesday 8th - 29th September
6 - 8 pm for 4 weeks NOW $40
Each week we will explore a different topic that will support an understanding of how our 'operating' systems work so that we can implement strategies to make life easier on ourselves instead of believing that we are defective or need fixing in some way. 
By sharing knowledge and raising awareness we can then use strategies that work for us as individuals.  We will explore how anxiety operates, fight, flight, freeze, thought patterns, core beliefs and connect with values, to what matters to give us focus.  Small steps! 

Building Resilience

Saturday 9 am-12 pm
Term 4 - dates & cost to be advised

Resilience is like a muscle, it takes time and intentionality. Focusing on four core components—connection, wellness, healthy thinking, and meaning, enables us to develop mechanisms for protection against experiences that could be overwhelming, helps us to maintain balance in our lives during difficult or stressful periods, and can also protect us from the development of some mental health difficulties.
You will leave with awareness and strategies for each core component continuing to grow your resilience.