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My parents were Hungarian and I was born in England.  As a young adult I worked in private business/administration. However, I have always loved working with people, and believed in people’s ability to achieve for themselves. This led to qualify as an Occupational Therapist in 1995, with a variety of roles in the UK and NZ, working in mental health, an eating disorder service, hospice and neurological rehabilitation for over 18 years.

We moved to New Zealand in 2003. I have worked as a counsellor since 2012, as a School Guidance Counsellor, ACC Counsellor, EAP, including District Councils and in private practice.

I am a Life Coach since 2005 and have facilitated workshops and teach various subjects at Community Education Whangarei - Adult Education.

I have experienced counselling, coaching, creative therapies, movement and meditation practices on a number of occasions, still do and know how it can enrich life.

I am married to a lovely Scottish man. I love anything to do with water, enjoy Rock'n'Roll, Ceroc, walking, African drumming and am curious enough to try most things.

I have a strong practice of wellbeing and have practiced yoga for a number of years, resulting in my being a yoga teacher. I hold gratitude for the privileges that enables me to have the life I have.

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My story

As a child, I tried to make myself as small as possible, to not have needs, so that I would not be a problem for others and tried to take care of others and look after them.   I rarely voiced my needs.  I have met so many people, particularly women who have had similar experiences. 

At 28 I had a breakdown/breakthrough that took years of therapy and I tried so many different counsellors, coaches, therapists etc.  I had not appreciated how much hurt people hurt people and in order to have my needs met, subconsciously I made many mistakes and could not understand why I had done or sometimes said what I had or why I always felt wrong.

Over many years, from experiencing talking therapies, which helped to a degree, I experienced; EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), I tapped into creativity, spirituality, movement, play/fun, being in nature, meditation, guided visualisations, Louise Hay's work, metaphor, art journalling, yoga, learned Ceroc, African drumming, scuba diving, kayaking, many different aspects. 

Healthy relationships have been important, even one person, an animal/s because 'healthy' connections are nurturing.  Being connected to nature, the ocean, the universe, spiritually.  Being with like-minded people may help.  I have joined and left so many groups because I changed, developed.  Nothing was wrong, it was just what it was at the time.

It took a lot to leave these groups, at times over the years, I was often scared that I would make a wrong choice but it felt right to move on.  I sometimes stayed because of a fear of being rejected and I was, several times in personal and professional relationships. 

Here's the thing, this is 'living' life.  These have been some of the most painful experiences and the most deep lessons I have needed to learn and heal from, leading me to the freedom I feel now for being me.  I got to know myself by being in relationships, even when they no longer worked.  

I learned that I was not a crazy person.  At times it felt like I was going crazy to stay sane. I learned about the human operating system and the survival response, from there I realised I was in fact a regular human being doing the best I could with what I knew at the time.

I had no idea how unsafe I felt in my body and around others due to some of the messed up ideas I had. I thought I was defective and responsible for others sadness/happiness.  I had an eating disorder, smoked, drank too much at times as a way of not feeling and trying to make myself feel better, when feeling was in fact the answer.

I feel so humbled and privileged to have walked alongside others as they learn about themselves, to feel, sense, see who they are.  Incredible souls doing the best they can with what is known at the time and, my goodness, they have so much inner wisdom, resilience and a birth right to live a life that feels right to them.

When they tell their story, feel heard, it is so awe inspiring to see how they have more clarity about how thoughts and energy can be directed to cultivate their inner landscape not trying to change their body, shape or size or to acquire what they have been told will make them feel good about being themselves.  It is an inner journey. 

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Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors (MNZAC)

Training as an EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling
  • Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy
  • Certified Results Coaching Systems Coach
  • SoulCollage® Facilitator
  • Certified Master Kaizen Muse Creativity Coach

I have been lucky to attend many workshops and courses throughout my career as I am a curious person who loves learning, developing and expanding myself. Click here to see more.


My Story continued ...
I have worked with many people since 1995 in some capacity and no matter what role we may have, we are truly not that different from each other.

My life now has ease and synchronicity.  There is no fixing, no arrival.  I won't lie, it has been hard work and at times.  It has felt like 1 step forward 2/3 steps back.  There have been SO many times that I have said, "I had no idea how good life could feel" and it just keeps happening as I transition each stage, which can be  a tiny step or a massive one.

I witnessed and experienced that our body, mind and soul will only give you what you can handle.  This journey has to be over a period of time and to be honest, living life is the journey, with some curious, compassionate explorations now and again.

The journey can be a lot kinder and more compassionate than the harsh voice of the inner critic, which comes from a scared place and will do anything to keep us 'alive', safe.  It feels as if our survival is at stake!

When we feel scared, the primitive, instinctual responses are leading the way until we learn how to feel safer in our body, regulate, soothe, to feel safe in the world.

Life has changed over the years for me.  I no longer smoke, drink or experience the eating disorder, which were my coping mechanisms. 

It has taken time as I have come to understand who I am and how I have been shaped by some many societal messages and stories of shoulds.  I have experimented with many different types of kinder coping mechanisms and playful ways of being, such as dancing, being near water, playing with creativity. 

Having fun, playing, being in the garden. These are vitals ways of nurturing ourselves.   We all have our own versions.  

We can so make the journey kinder.  We were taught that we would not survive 'feeling', having emotion but we absolutely will because this is who we are.  The thinking, stories, core beliefs, anxiety, overwhelm, stress, sabotages us.

Everything I offer including Graceful Soul Journeys has been part of my own journey over the years, there is so much fun in it too.  I am humbled that you have read my story.  Thank you and take care.

With love and gratitude
Liz - Erzsi

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